Min pojkväns pappa har lagat min ugn! Ska sätta igång och baka bröd som jag ska ge som tack för hjälpen. 
My boyfriend's dad has helped me fix my oven! I'm going to get going and bake som bread as a thank you for his help.


Gjutjärnskastrull från Orrefors. Love it!

The steamer

Apart from your basic good set of knives, pans and other everyday equipment, what every person should have is a steamer. I know I love it and it makes my life so much easier. You can use it for so many things. I think many of you will look at it and wonder what it is. Well, it's a steam cooker and all you need is whatever you're cooking and water.
You will the water up to maximum level in the bottom. Put your vegetables, rice, potatoes, chicken or fish in the containers (mine has three that go on top of each other) and set the timer for the different items. Rice usually takes 35 minutes, harder vegetables like carrots take about 20 minutes whilst broccoli and brussel sprouts take about 15 minutes. You have to go with trial and error in the beginning, but that's easy, all you need to do is turn the timer on again if you need to.
So, why do I prefer the steamer to boiling things? Well, no salt is needed to start with. Also, everything keeps its natural flavours. The vegetables taste like vegetables and not like boiled green things. All the salts and minerals are kept. To conclude - it's just better for you.

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