Lunch with a little bit of help from my mama

My mum (and the rest of my big family) make an amazing dish which we call rice and peas. I'm not certain of the whole procedure but we use basmati rice, soak red kidney beans the night before which we then boil with the rice and then use coconut milk and thyme somwhere along the way. This with curried chicken is a dream!

Today I fried chicken in red onion, garlic, pepper powder (paprikapulver; vet inte varför det kallas pepper på engelska), coriander powder, salt, pepper and a few good splashes of hot pepper sauce. I ate it with the rice and peas and grated raw carrot - success!

Saturday lunch via iPhone

A tasty homemade pizza with a well earned cider in the sun. Scone base with a coat of a tomato mix, topped with bacon, rocket, ham and cheese - YUM!


Tenderloin stew through the iPhone



"Me" time

Finally some "me"-time in the kitchen. Sorting some food out for the lads to take to work tomorrow. Cooking is like therapy!



Tarragon and rosemary tenderloin; cheese and potato pie topped with bacon and tomatoes; rocket, cucumber and red onion drenched in balsamic vinegar.

Are you ready for it?

Cooking a piece of meat for the first time by myself without calling mum for guidance, hoping so much that this will taste good. I've also cooked something to go with it from one of my nan's old recipes. The question is, sauce or no sauce?

Make your own

250g of any kind of berry - I used frozen raspberries
2,5dl water
0,25dl white sugar
1,5 tblsp potato flour

Bring the berries, sugar and 2dl of the water to the boil for a few minutes. Mix the rest of the water with the potato flour and slowly pour in the berry mix whilst stirring. When it thickens, take off the heat and serve either warm or cold with extras like milk, nuts or other fruit.

Recipe from Cookies N Dreams

Good morning to you!

Tea; riveta with boiled egg and kaviar; home-made boiled raspberries (hallonkräm) with almonds.


Bacon-wrapped chicken fried in onion, lime and garlic with cottage cheese and avocado.

Breakfast via iPhone

Cookies N Dreams

Klicka dig fram till min dagliga inspiration hos Cookies N Dreams!

Come dine with me / Halv åtta hos mig

Not a big fan of the TV-programme because of the annoying background voice but there are some interesting recipes in this book!

Breakfast on a day off

Riveta with liver paté and cucumber, kesella (high protein youghurt) with cinnamon and sugar fried apple, raisens and almonds.

Chili con carne

Spicy chili con carne with rice, salad and mushrooms. What a treat to take to work this weekend with a few pieces of the bread I baked!


With inspiration from here!

Bread in the making 2.0

Burgers deluxe

There will be another round of these soon; pictures from last summer.

Bread in the making 1.0

No daylight = boring pictures

Tomato and basil chicken in a creamy sauce with rice, salad and bacon-wrapped dates. So, so good.


Trying out something completely new at the moment. My guinea pigs for tonight are mum and my boyfriend. Hopefully I can find some okay light in our flat so I can take pictures and show you later. Cannot wait to dig in!

Breakfast time

Jamie's Italy

My boyfriend and I visited his brother and fiancee last Friday. They've just bought a lovely house and have re-done so much on the inside. Whilst we were in the kitchen I had a peak in their collection of cook books. I found my favourite chef and found my tummy rumbling after reading page after page with Jamie Oliver's recipes from his book of Italian food. Sara told me I could borrow the book and I plan on trying some of the delicious combinations in a near future.


What looks greasy in this picture is actually not so greasy. Cut up your raw beetroot, a few carrots and any other tasty vegetable, stick them in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and serve with any kind of meat or chicken. Heaven!

Yesterday at teatime

Poor light, but this is what was on the menu last night. Kassler, cottage cheese and a oven-baked omelette seasoned with oregano, turmeric and spinach, topped with a sliced red pepper. Lovely!

Raisens and almonds

Off to work in a few hours. Taking my favourite breakfast with me - 'kvarg' (is the English word 'curd'?) with raisens and almonds. Yum!

Welcome to my food blog

Hi there! Welcome to my food blog. Here I will be posting pictures of food I've cooked, inspiration, recipes and other things to do with food and tasty things in life. The entries will probably be a mixture between English and Swedish depending on my mood and what I am posting, but the measurments in the recipes will always be in Swedish (litres, decilitres, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc). Feel free to drop a comment!

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