Brown bread with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

I only decided on making this type of bread when the other loaf was rising. Lucky I did because the other one was a complete catastrophy, haha! This dark bread was as juicy and good as it looks.

4dl thin sour-ish youghurt (filmjölk)
3/4dl dark syrup
1/2dl crushed linseeds (linfrön)
1dl spelt flakes (or farrow, I'm not sure what the translation of 'dinkelflingor' is).
1dl wheat bran (kruskakli)
4 1/2dl sifted rye flour (rågsikt; I only used 3dl because I thought it might be too dry otherwise).
1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
100g of whatever you want in your bread - I used sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Nuts, dried fruit, raisens and currents will work lovely too.

Mix your sour youghurt with your syrup.
Add the rest of your ingredients and mix smooth.
Put baking paper in a bread mould and pour in your mixture.
Put it in your oven for 75 minutes in 175 degrees celsius.
Have a look after just half an hour and see if your bread is brown enough and cover it with foil.

Let your bread rest when it is done - it'll be very sticky otherwise.
I enjoyed a few slices with butter and strong English chedder cheese!

Inspiration and recipe from Cookies N Dreams.

Postat av: Jenny

Det ser jätte gott ut :), Vad synd att det inte gick bra med limpan svarade i mitt inlägg.

2012-04-12 @ 11:40:27
Postat av: Lyzette

This is the best bread l have eaten since l can't remember when! Moist, crunchy, tasty, just fantastic.

Great with cheddar, ham, mustard and spring onions.

A welcome change!

2012-04-12 @ 18:05:41

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