Salmon with asparagus wrapped in bacon

This is a fresh and quick meal to cook if you don't feel like anything heavy. Ususally I use fetacheese on top of the salmon but we didn't have any and it tasted nice anyway.

Salmon - as many pieces per person as you wish.
Asparagus - as many per person as you wish (I ate five).
Bacon to wrap around your asparagus.
Tomatoes - cherry tomatoes if you want it a little sweeter.
Lemon and olive oil or a high quality lemon oil.
Fetacheese to cover your salmon in.
Butter for frying.

Put your oven on 225°C.
Lay your salmon in an oven proof dish and slice your tomatoes and put in.
Cover your salmon in fetacheese.
Drizzle your lemon and oil /lemon oil over the contents.
Put your dish in the oven for approximately 40 minutes if your salmon is frozen and approximately 15 minutes if it's fresh.

Cut off the ends of your asparagus and wrap them in bacon.
When you have 5 minutes left before your salmon is done, fry your asparagus in butter and season with a little black pepper.

Serve straight away!


Hi guys! There has been a lot going on lately and not a lot of time, money or inspiration for cooking so I'm just going to ask you to hang in there. Take care for now!


Thai Fishcakes

This might be my favourite food in the world. Thai fishcakes! These are old pictures and I'm hoping I have time to make another round soon and I'll put up the recipe with a few how-to-make-them pictures to go along with it. After you've made them into 'cakes' like the pictures show, you "deep fry" them in oil in a normal frying pan and serve them as they are with sweet chili sauce. SO GOOD!


Weekend food

Basil chicken with mozzarella and tomato

I'm in a bit of a rush and really need to eat. There was chicken in the fridge ready to be used and a bit of mozzarella I bought the other day. No recipe is needed really. All I did was slice the tomato, mozzarella, a small red onion and a few jalapeños and made a salad of it. I fried my chicken in salt, black pepper and basil and served it straight away with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Yum!

Spag' bowl

A classic spaghetti bolougnese never fails. I prefer the type of bolougnese that is more tomatoe-y instead of creamy. It's quick and simple, do you want the recipe?

~600g beef mince
2 medium yellow onions
4 cloves of garlic
1 tin of crushed tomatoes
1 tin of sweetcorn
2 cubes of meat stock (köttbuljongtärningar)
Basil, salt and black pepper
You can add things such as peppers, carrots and other things you may want in your bolougnese. We use dried chantarelles in ours.

Chop you onions finely and fry in a medium sized saucepan with your mince and crushed garlic.
When your mince is browned, add your crushed tomatoes and fill half the tin with water and add in there too.
Add your stock cubes and stir until they have melted.
Now season with basil, salt and black pepper until you are happy with the taste.
Turn down to simmer and add your sweetcorn and, in my case, dried chantarelles.
Let it simmer for 15 minutes.

Serve straight away with spaghetti and some strong cheese on top!


Hi there! How are you? I've not cooked anything today, it's been leftover-mania in the kitchen so I'll update as soon as I can with a masterpiece or two. I'm working evenings this week which doesn't leave a lot of time for cooking, and this weekend it seems like I'm going away. I promise to take loads of pictures and show you when I get back!

Taco gratang

Right, so, it doesn't look very appetizing when it's laid on the plate but it tastes delightful. Usually I make this as a pie instead with a scone base but this is a nice change and it isn't as heavy to eat for tea.

Taco gratang:
~600g mince (I always use beef)
4-5dl creme fraiché
3 tomatoes
1-2 yellow onions
feferoni after your own taste - I use around 8-10 depending on how hot they are.
1 packet of Santa Maria tacomix (or any other tacomix or self-combined spices you may use)
I used red and yellow peppers as a base together with the onion but in my opinion you can add most things you use in your basic tacos in your gratang or pie.
Cheese and a few feferoni for garnish.

Put your oven on 225°C.
Fry your mince and add the tacomix. Take off the heat when all is mixed together.
Chop your onion and peppers finely and put in a medium sized pie dish.
Cut off the tops of your feferonis and chop them roughly. Mix together with your creme fraiché.
Dice your tomatoes and add to the creme fraiché mixture.
Cover your onion and peppers with all of the mince.
Pour your creme fraiché mixture over the mince and make sure it's an even layer.
Finally cover everything with a tasty cheese and a few feferonis on top.
Put your dish in the oven for apprixmately 35 minutes .

Serve with a sallad, cucumber and red onion for perfection!

West Indian fish recipe

Yesterday's cod with a taste of thyme is in fact a dish we usually call West Indian fish. The cooking that goes on in our home is influenced by our background. There is foremost a mixture of Swedish, English, West Indian, Jamaican and Chinese influences. My sister and I love the Swedish sandwhich culture and potatoes meanwhile our mother prefers rice and everything that is hot.

West Indian fish:
2 medium yellow onions
2-3 medium sized carrots
3-4 slices of cabbage
3 cloves of garlic
3 fresh tomatoes or up to 1 tin of whole tomatoes
1 fillet of cod (more or less) per person; we most often use frozen fish and this recipe is written after that. If you use fresh fillets, lay them on top of everything in the frying pan until cooked through.
Thyme, salt and black pepper

Heat up your medium sized frying pan with oil.
Fry your fish, chopped onion and sliced carrots.
Cover the contents of the pan in thyme, add salt and black pepper.
Crush your garlic and add it to the pan.
Fry the fish until it looks like it's ready to flake on both sides.
Add your chopped tomatoes and bring up to the boil.
If you want more sauce - add water after your liking, taste and add spices if needed.
Turn down to simmer for 20 minutes.
Lay your cabbage on top and cook through.

Serve with either mashed potatoes or rice!

Cod with a taste of thyme

We ate this lovely cod with a taste of lovely thyme. Served with carrots, cabbage and rice. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. Today has been hectic and there has been no time for cooking, shameful but true!

Sorry for my absence

Hi there! The lack of updates is due to me working all weekend, sorry about that! I'll be back on Monday with some fun stuff. Take care until then!

Old mama Gretel Thomas's coleslaw

For your basic coleslaw you need these three things above: carrots, cabbage and yellow onion. It's easy to ajust how big of an amount you want to make, just make sure you have the same amount of carrot as cabbage and 2/3s of onion too. This recipe is passed down from our old westindian friends.

Gretel Thomas's coleslaw:
1kg carrots
1 small cabbage
3-4 yellow onions
1 jar of mayonaise (ajust after your own taste - you can even mix in some creme fraiche to level out the taste!)
Black pepper
~1dl Sugar

Grate your carrots.
Slice your cabbage finely so it falls appart.
Half your onions and slice finely.
Mix all your carrots, cabbage and onion together.
Add your mayonaise, a LARGE amount of black pepper and approximately 1dl sugar.
Taste as you go.

Serve with any kind of meat, chicken or a hot chili!

Homemade burgers and old mama Gretel's coleslaw

The coleslaw is the side dish I mentioned in the previous entry. I ate it with my hamburgers that I made too. I'll post the coleslaw recipe tomorrow. Maybe the burger one too?

Coming up:

Another favourite something is waiting for me to eat it. It's actually a side dish but it's so good I could just eat that. Stay tuned for pictures and the recipe!

Brown bread with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

I only decided on making this type of bread when the other loaf was rising. Lucky I did because the other one was a complete catastrophy, haha! This dark bread was as juicy and good as it looks.

4dl thin sour-ish youghurt (filmjölk)
3/4dl dark syrup
1/2dl crushed linseeds (linfrön)
1dl spelt flakes (or farrow, I'm not sure what the translation of 'dinkelflingor' is).
1dl wheat bran (kruskakli)
4 1/2dl sifted rye flour (rågsikt; I only used 3dl because I thought it might be too dry otherwise).
1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
100g of whatever you want in your bread - I used sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Nuts, dried fruit, raisens and currents will work lovely too.

Mix your sour youghurt with your syrup.
Add the rest of your ingredients and mix smooth.
Put baking paper in a bread mould and pour in your mixture.
Put it in your oven for 75 minutes in 175 degrees celsius.
Have a look after just half an hour and see if your bread is brown enough and cover it with foil.

Let your bread rest when it is done - it'll be very sticky otherwise.
I enjoyed a few slices with butter and strong English chedder cheese!

Inspiration and recipe from Cookies N Dreams.

Baking bread

I've been to the shop about 5 times to get things and be prepared for when I was going to bake bread. I've still forgotten baking paper and foil to cover the bread in AND butter. Not sure how this is going to turn out but the loaf that is in the oven at the moment smells lovely!

Salsa ranchera with my chicken fajitas

As I woke up much later than I planned after my night shift I didn't have time to bake so I decided to try out something else - salsa ranchera. I used it in my fajitas and it was so good!

Salsa ranchera:
5-6 tomatoes
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 large red onion
Jalapeños - I used sliced ones from a jar (HOT) from the brand Santa Maria, choose amount after your own liking.
Coriander (preferably cilantro for stronger taste) - choose amount after your own liking.
1-2 teaspoons sugar
A knob of butter to make it smooth
Cooking oil to fry in

Chop your red onion and garlic finely. Fry until smooth with your chopped jalapeños.
Add your chopped tomatoes, sugar, chopped coriander and salt and simmer until thick.
Store your salsa in a glass jar in the fridge and it will last for approximateley 1 week.

Recipe from Cookies N Dreams


When you go to the shop after a night shift and see freshly baked bread you can't resist. Grilled turkey, avocado, cheese, tomato and a creamy potato sallad between my halves of bread.

Red curry chicken leftovers

I'll put the recipe up tomorrow!

Plans for tomorrow

I've been reading about baked bread in so many blogs lately and it's something I've always wanted to learn. Went to the shop earlier and bought some of the main ingredients. I've got a few left to buy and then I'll be ready for this major challenge tomorrow on my day off. Soon I hope to be able to make my own bagels..

Looking for inspiration

There are many inspiring recipes and pictures in cook books and definitely no less in Jamie's Italy.


A while back I tried a diet called LCHF (Low Carbs High Fat) and eliminated all carbohydrates from my life for 60 days. Although I could see a result straight away in weightloss it's nothing I recommend to anyone because it really didn't make me happier, especially not when I love cooking as much as I do and as soon as you start eating the carbs again you put that weight right back on. ANYWAY. I found something in the midst of all the LCHF recipes called 'oopsies', which I used as a subsitute for bread.

3 eggs
100g philadelphia cheese
1 tsp baking powder
Seperate whites from yolks in two different bowls.
Whip your whites together with salt and baking powder until you can turn the bowl upsidedown without the contents falling out.
Stir the philadelphia cheese together with your yolks until smooth.
Fold the yolk mixture into your whites.
Butter a baking tray and dollop the mixture straight onto the tray.
Place them in your oven for 25 minutes in 150 degrees celsius.

My favourite combined topping was meatballs and brie cheese.

I have read about people using this recipe as a pie base or in cakes. Try it out as you please!

Green pepper chicken recipe

Here's the recipe for green pepper chicken I posted a picture of a few days ago:

1 whole fresh chicken
2 big yellow onions
2-3 green peppers (paprika)
1-2 tins of whole tomatoes
2-3 dl sourcream (gräddfil)
salt, black pepper
pepper powder (paprikapulver)
3 teaspoons of maizena

Heat up your a big saucepan and melt margarine.
Rub your chicken with salt, black pepper and pepper powder and brown in your pan.
Add your sliced onions and one of your peppers;
(if you want a stronger taste of green peppers add all of them now).
Add more salt, black pepper and your tinned tomatoes and the sauce.
Let it all simmer for 45 minutes.
When the 45 minutes has passed, take your chicken out and turn off the stove.
Strip off all the chicken and put in a seperate bowl.

Mix the sourcreme and maizena together before slowly stirring it into the saucepan.
Add the rest of the peppers (if you haven't already) and bring up to the boil for two minutes.
Put the chicken meat in right at the end just to heat through.

Serve straight away with boiled rice and a nice crispy green sallad!

Right now @ thefoodtrain

It's difficult to find time to update the blog at all times. I'm dying to try out some new things - mastering many of the recipes passed down through our family, also bread baking and learning to cook all the basic things. Going from there experimenting is easier. Be patient and hopefully you will be seeing my skills growing by the week!

One of my favourite foods

Chicken in sauce with a taste of green peppers served with rice and a perfect avocado. Another of my mum's recipes I've finally mastered. Yum!

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