Master chef USA

At the moment I'm watching Master chef USA and am amazed by one of the contestants. Her name is Christine and she's blind. To quote Gordon Ramsey: "You cook like a frickin' angel every single time". Imagine that, huh? She probably has a more sensitive taste but when she had to cook, pick and make something out of a an alive - that's impressive.

Jamie Oliver's summer food

He is my hero when it comes to cooking because he is more than just a money making chef. He uses his publicity and name towards good things. Just look at the Food Revolution and the way he changed the food in English schools. I could keep on talking about him forever. If I could meet one person in my life, it'd be him. Just watching his programme about Summer Food on channel 7 (Swedish TV), yummmm.

Looking for inspiration

There are many inspiring recipes and pictures in cook books and definitely no less in Jamie's Italy.

Cookies N Dreams

Klicka dig fram till min dagliga inspiration hos Cookies N Dreams!

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