My first lasagne

I've never made lasagne before but as my boyfriend suggested it and we found gluten-free pasta sheets, I made an attempt. Is it the same for you, that it tastes better the day after or even two days after? It's amazing when it sets a bit. Anyway, the taste was great and it wasn't at all difficult!
600g mince
600g crushed tomatoes
1 dl tomato puré
4-5 cloves of garlic
1 large portobello mushroom or 5 normal mushrooms
1 handful of dried funnel chantarelles - optional
7 dl milk
2 dl cream
2 dl cheese with lots of flavour
1 dl maizena
100 g butter
9-10 lasagne sheets
Salt, black pepper, white pepper and muscot.
How to:
Peel and chop the garlic finely.
Cut the fresh mushroom into small pieces.
Fry both of these on medium heat until golden and then stir the tomato puré into the pan and remove from the hob.
Brown the mince in a large frying pan.
Add the garlic mixture and then the crushed tomatoes and funnel chantarelles.
Season with salt and black pepper and let simmer for half an hour.
Turn on the oven to 200°C.
The white sauce in a lasagne is called a Bechamel sauce and is very simple.
Warm the milk and cream through in a saucepan.
Let the 100g of butter melt in a different saucepan.
Whilst stirring, powder the butter with the maizena until it's mixed in well and is smooth.
Add half of the milk and stir until the sauce becomes thick.
Add the rest of the milk and stir continuously until the sauce is the thickness of your liking.
If you want you can add 1dl of the cheese to the sauce here.
Now build your lasagne in an oven-proof dish.
I made mine by first covering the bottom with bechamel sauce, covering it in mince, covering the mince with lasagne sheets and then repeating it.
Finish off with bechamel sauce and then cheese.
If the instructions on your lasagne sheet packet says 45 minutes to cook through then use that, if it says 25 minutes then follow that.
The mince is already warm!
Enjoy this lasagne with a great salad, a few olives and if you're family is British like mine - then maybe a few chips with vinegar on the side, haha!

Portabello chicken in a sambal oelek creme fraiche sauce

You know when you improvise and all the tastes just seem to connect and become one great dish? That happened here.
3 chicken breasts
1 yellow onion
1 large portabello mushroom
2,5 dl creme fraiché
1 spoon sambal oelek
1 spoon tomato puré
Salt, black pepper and white pepper
Butter to fry and a little bit of oil to fry in
Potatoes, rice, mash or pasta.
Salad - I used mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion.
How to:
Chop the onion finely and mushrooms into pieces like the above.
Melt butter in a pan on medium heat and toss the onion and mushroom in and make sure they're covered in butter. If it looks a bit dry, at a little olive oil.
When the onion is soft and the mushroom has a nice golden surface, remove from the pan.
Cut the chicken into pieces of your liking.
Season with salt and pepper before you fry them.
When the chicken is browned on both sides, add the mushroom and onion again.
Also turn the creme fraiche into the pan and turn down to simmer.
Season with white pepper and add the tomato puré and sambal oelek.
Serve with spuds, rice, mash or pasta and a nice salad on the side. Or just the salad.

Just burgers

Right. I love burgers. Homemade ones are like, the easiest thing to make and most of the time you have all the trimmings to go with them at home already. In my early days of cooking I put breadcrumbs and egg in mine, and added a load of spices in the mixture, and grated onion and mixed it all around.
Lately, with my allergy towards ordinary flours, I've skipped the breadcrumbs, and also the egg. Also, a friend at work told me to shape the burgers and only season on the outside.
The other day I watched a programme they are showing in Sweden, "Grillmästarna", which translates into Barbeque Masters or something like that. That episode was all about burgers and the one thing they repetedly said was to not over work the mixture. You don't even need to add anything to it. Just meat and season on the surface. So I tried it yesterday. OH MY LIFE! They were so juicy and thick and meaty and yummy!
~400g beef mince or minced chuck (högrev)
Salt and black pepper
A fun kind of salad - rocket, spinach or something that gives a bit of taste
Fresh or pickled cucumber
Onion - red, yellow, raw or fried in a bit of butter
A tasty cheese to crumble, slice or place on the burgers
Sweet chili sauce
Hamburger dressing
Sambal oelek
Bread - ANY KIND! I love to put a normal breadbun in a sanwich grill and toast it a bit, or just take two slices of something at home. Or just eat in a leaf of iceberg salad. Or just eat it without. I used to slices of glutenfree bread that I toasted a little.
How to:
Wet a chopping board slightly.
Wet your hands.
Grab the amount of mince you need for one burger.
Shape it carefully into the shape you wish, round is the obvious choice, haha.
Flatten it a little, but don't pound it.
Repeat with the rest of the mince.
Season with salt and black pepper on both sides.
Heat your pan up to a medium high heat.
Add oil so it only just covers the surface of the pan - the meat contains fat enough.
Place your burgers in the pan.
If you are using beef or chuck you can choose if you want it a bit pink in the middle.
If you are using pork - cook all the way through!
When the burgers and flipped and done on both sides, put the cheese on top and let melt whilst you prepare your bread and extras.

Köttfärssåsen med två extra ingredienser // The bolougnese with two extra ingredients

Hej vänner! En ledig dag som denna passar köttfärssåsen bra in att laga inför helgens jobb. Den är enkel, smakar ljuvligt och går att göra på max en halvtimme. Hur bra?! Har slängt i ytterligare två ingredienser till mitt befintliga recept: balsamvinäger och Worcestershire sauce. 1 msk av varje räcker för att ge en fylligare smak.
Hi friends! On my day off this bolougnese is perfect to cook, especially as I am working this weekend and I'll need lunch there. It is easy, it tastes fantastic and it's made in maximum half an hour. Brilliant! I've added two more ingredients to my already exisiting recipe: balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. 1 tblsp of each will give you a bolougnese with fuller flavour.

Westindian meatballs with rice and hot pepper suace

Old pictures but the same beeeeautiful recipe!

Good morning lovelies! I'm not going to do more than mention the fact that it's been quiet here. Life has been busy and I haven't really had time to cook that much, I've eaten loads of bought sushi and will try to master that myself soon. But back to the meatballs! I stayed round my mum's during the weekend and collected a few of my favourite recipes, this being one of them.
The meatballs are juicy, the taste of thyme and tomato make the sauce fantastic, fluffy rice, just-crunchy-enough carrots and a few splashes of hot pepper sauce and I am done!
500g minced beef
3 yellow onions
1 egg
Thyme, salt and black pepper
2 tomatoes
3 tblsp tomato puré
1 oxxo cube / meat stock cube
4 carrots
Maizena/flour to roll the meatballs in
Oil to fry 
How to:
Grate two onions and mix with the mince and egg.
Season with thyme, salt and black pepper.
Shape into large meatballs, roll in maizena and brown in oil on medium heat.
Crumble the stock cube over the meatballs.
Chop the last onion and cube the tomatoes.
Add to the pan with the tomato puré.
Add boiling water so it reaches halfway up the meatballs.
Turn down to simmer.
Peel the carrots and cut into sticks, add to the pan.
Taste the sauce and possibly add more salt and black pepper.
Serve with rice and any other vegetable you may be craving.

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