Breaded cod with remoulade sauce

Hey dudes and dudettes! I've had problems with my Internet all afternoon but it seems like it's up and running properly again. I've had an 'adult' day today, food shopping, cleaning and washing. To go with that I've obviously cooked, haha. One of my favourite ways to eat fish is when it's breaded and fried. Served with this, remoulade sauce is perfect.
Ingredients (4 portions):
Breaded cod:
4 fillets of cod
1 large pinch of salt
1 large pinch of pepper
1,5 dl breadcrumbs
1,5 dl flour
1 egg
Remoulade sauce:
2 dl mayonaise
1 dl creme fraiché, youghurt or sour cream
1,5 tsp curry OR dijon mustard (I used curry)
3 tblsp chopped gurkins
Salt and cayenne pepper
How to:
Breaded cod:
If you are using frozen fish, let it defrost completely first.
Heat your pan up to medium heat.
Mix your breadcrumbs with the salt and pepper.
Flour both sides of your fillets.
Dip them in egg.
Bread the fillets completely.
Fry in butter until golden and crispy.
Remoulade sauce:
Mix all of your ingredients together in a bowl and stand in the fridge whilst you prepare the rest of your food.
Serve the fish with a crispy green salad, boiled potatoes or mash and your remoulade sauce.


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