Salmon and shrimp pasta

Hey peeps! I was so tired yesterday evening after a bit of partying with the best workmates in the world on Thursday. My dear colleague, Emma, came round to eat and watch films with me. She brought her little dog and after a stroll in the park we just monged out in the sofa.
2-4 fillets of salmon - defrost them!
200-300g shrimps
1 yellow onion
2 mushrooms
2-4 dl creme fraiché
Lemon pepper and salt
1 bag of baby spinach
Cherry tomatoes
Parmesan or other tasty cheese for garnish
Oil to fry in
How to:
Chop the onion finely and your mushrooms into the size you wish.
Fry in some oil.
Cut your salmon into cubes and fry in oil on medium heat in a different pan;
brown on both sides and season with lemon pepper and salt.
Then add to your pan with onion and mushrooms.
At the same time - cook your spaghetti or other pasta.
Stir your creme fraiché into you salmon, mushrooms and onion.
Season with more lemon pepper and salt and taste!
Add your shrimps and baby spinach.
Cook for another 5-10 minutes.
Serve with pasta and halved cherry tomatoes on top with some parmesan grated over the lot.
Enjoy this super easy meal!


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