Swedish meatballs 2.0

Good morning dears! I've just finished the delicious sandwiches you can see above and am on my sofa listening to Christmas music. The snow is swirling around outside and my entire flat smells of meatballs! Yesterday was such a perfect cooking day so after my 'lussekatter' I tried an actual meatball recipe and was happy to roll 70 meatballs to have a stash in my freezer. (This morning when I put my coat on I smellt like a meatball because I don't have a kitchen fan).
Ingredients (60-80 meatballs depending on size):
1 kg mince (half pork/half beef)
1 1/2 dl grated onion (1 1/2-2 onions)
1 1/2 dl breadcrumbs
2 dl milk
1 dl cream
~1/4 tsp white pepper
1/2 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt
2 eggs
Butter and/or oil to fry in
How to:
Pour your milk, cream and breadcrumbs in a bowl - stir - and let swell for 10 minutes.
Grate your onion.
Mix your mince with the white pepper, sugar and salt until the mixture is firm.
Add your eggs and mix until the mince is firm again.
Finally add your breadcrumbs and onion and mix into your mince.
Wet your hands and roll your meatballs into the size of your liking.
If you want to be certain of the taste, fry one small meatball first and add more spices if needed.
Fry on medium high heat in a little butter and oil.
I ate a few sliced on my homemade bread with Philadelphia cheese - yum!

Postat av: Jenny

ÅÅH gud va gott med köttbullsmacka haha!! Önskar jag hade några i frysen jag med :)

Svar: Ett av de bästa påläggen i världen, haha!
Nastasja Thor

2012-12-05 @ 13:41:33
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