Sometimes it's hard to stay positive about my allergies

Good morning!
One of the worst things about the internet now is how all the pictures of delicious foods are so easy to come across. Instagram, tumblr, flickr, weheartit, etcetera are so in your face all the time. I can't even eat all the goodies and it sucks. I wish allergies on no one and I am curious to why my body had to be one of them to react. On paper I am allergic to:
Citrus fruits; oranges, lemons, etc.
Soya (which also contains wheat)
Nuts + almonds
Beans, peas and everything else in that family
+ when I was younger I couldn't eat egg or fish either, and I've had problems with dairy products.
Some days this just becomes too much and upsets me. I want to be able to eat whatever I want. Some people think it lucky for me not to be able to eat normal flour so I can cut out bread without choice. Sure, I enjoy a piece of white bread with bacon inbetween like most English people, but I prefer brown bread stuffed with nuts, seeds and other fun stuff. I wish I could experiment with nuts - flour, mixed into creaminess, milk, etc.
My allergies come and go, mostly depending on how often I eat things. The wheat/barley/rhye part seems to have come back the past year from when I was younger and I can't eat it at all now. It's difficult to go round to friends or eat out because I never want to put anyone out and it feels like a bother. A dear friend of mine is allergic to gluten and has introduced me to loads of stuff I actually can eat which has been much appreciated.
Now, I know I cheat on some parts, but I mainly try and listen to my body. If I've not had soya in a while, I might have a few drops in a sauce or eat it with my sushi. I just have to be smart about it.
Just saying, don't take food for granted. Eat! I mean, I can't eat a sloppy pizza either because of the bread, let alone anything healthy containing it. 
Good morning to you!


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