Asian style vegetable wok with chicken

Good evening ladies and gents! As lunch was a light ordeal I was hungry again this evening. I had a load of different vegetables in the fridge and I'm still trying to get the hang of Asian seasoning, so a wok sounded like a good idea. I also cleaned my cupboard out earlier and found some sesame seeds - such a good looking ingredient!
Ingredients (3-4 port):
2 fillets of chicken
10 brussel sprouts
3/4 broccoli
1 carrot
1 red onion
Marinade for the chicken:
1 clove of garlic
0,5 tblsp fish sauce
3 tblsp Chinese soy sauce
3 tblsp (chopped) coriander
2 small chilis
A squeeze of lemon.
Sesame seeds.
Sweet chili sauce.
How to:
Cut your chicken into cubes and put in a bag.
Add your fish and soy sauce and lemon juice.
Chop your coriander and chilis finely and add as well.
Crush your garlic and tie the bag shut.
Make sure all the ingredients are mixed together and let stand in room temperature whilst you prepare the rest.
Cut off the end of your brussels and remove the outer leaves. Half them.
Cut the broccoli into small-ish pieces and remove any brown bits.
Cut Half, quarter and eigth your onion.
Slice your carrot thinly.
Fry all of these in oil in a medium hot pan.
Pour into a powl and fry your chicken mixture in the same pan.
Add sesame seeds after your own liking.
When the chicken is cooked through, add your vegetables.
Toss the wok and add more sesames seeds if you wish.
Serve immediatley with a little sweet chili sauce on top.


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