Spaghetti. Made of nothing.

I read in woman's blog the other day where she wrote that she cookes the best meals when she has hardly any ingredients at home. It becomes what it becomes. That happened to me today. In my mind I was on my way to town to buy lunch, but I had a peek in the fridge and thought of her blog post. It turned out fab.
4 rashes of bacon
1/3 red onion
1/2 yellow onion
4 mushrooms
any other things you may want to put in, such as vegetables other leftover meat.
1 splodge of sambal oelek or, like I used, a takeaway sachet.
1 dollop equivalemt to 3 tblsp tomato puré
Black pepper
Dried thyme
Feta cheese to sprinkle on top
How to:
Cut your bacon, mushrooms and onion into the size of your liking.
Fry the bacon first, in no fat.
If the bacon hasn't released fat enough, add a tad bit of oil and add the mushrooms and onion.
When the lot has softened and turned golden-ish, add the sambal oelek and season with pepper.
Cook your pasta at the same time.
When the spaghetti is ready, add it to the frying pan together with a little of the water it's boiled in.
Stir in the tomato puré and sprinkle thyme over it all.
Serve with feta cheese on top.

Postat av: Anna

Ooh, vad gott det där ser ut;måste testa efter alla julköttbullar nu =)

Svar: Åh men tack!! :)
Nastasja Thor

2013-12-25 @ 20:30:55

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