Thai fish cakes

So, here it goes. My absolute favourite food in the world. A good few years ago my aunt found this recipe and showed it to my mum. I used to hate it and refused to eat it for ages. I tried it one night and have been hooked since. This food includes planning and preperation but all in all, it's pretty simple!

Ingredients (1-2 people):
450g Alaska pollock (in blocks)
2 tblsp fish sauce
2 chilis (I buy mine from a local Chinese shop that sell genuine ingredients. They're HOT and very small)
2 cloves of garlic
10 lime leaves (1 leaf is like the picture below)
1,5dl cilantro coriander (preferably from a shop that sell the cilantro kind because it has more taste than the one from e.g. ICA)
100g green beans/haricot verts
1-2 eggs depending on size
25g flour (you may need more)

Oil to cook in (Approx. 2cm deep in a pan)
Sweet chili sauce to serve with.

(Just double, triple (and so on) the recipe to cook for more people;
for the best result, make the mixture the day before and keep in the fridge so the flavours come together).

How to:

Number 1: Take you fish out and let it defrost.
Number 2: If your haricot verts are frozen, take them out to defrost too.

I keep my lime leaves in the freezer. Take out 10 and cut out the stalk out like the picture shows.
When you've done that, chop the leaves finely (otherwise they're a bit chewy).
Put into a bowl.

I keep my chilis in the freezer too. Take out two and if you have plastic gloves, use them, they really are hot.
De-seed them and chop as finely as you can and add to your lime leaves.

When your haricot verts have defrosted, squeeze out all of the water and chop into smal pieces.
Add to your chili and lime leaves.

Chop your coriander finely and add to the ingredients above.
Crush your garlic into the bowl too, and mix around.

When your fish has defrosted, squeeze out all of the water.
You can either use a food processer to mix everything together but I prefer to pull the fish into smaller pieces to make it meatier.
Put your fish in a big bowl or saucepan and add your green mixture, your fish sauce, the eggs and mix together with your hands.
Add the flour as you go.
You want the mixture to be sticky enough to make small cakes, like the picture below.

Heat about 2cm of oil in a pan (9/9 on my stove); to check when the oil is hot enough, drop a piece of bread in the oil and when it floats up sizzling - get frying!
Put your fish cakes in the oil and fry until golden and cripsy on both sides.
Let them drip off on some kitchen paper and serve straight away with sweet chili sauce.


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