- / + = American pancakes

I knew I'd wake up with the same toothache I went to bed with so I'd made up my mind to cook a cracking breakfast. I made myself a mug of black coffee and whipped together these beauties. I barely need to chew them because they're so fluffy!
5dl flour (atleast half should be plain flour)
2-4 tsp baking powder depending on the altitude where you're cooking; I used 2.
1 tsp salt
4 tbsp sugar - I used half ordinary sugar and half vanilla sugar
2 eggs
3dl milk
4 tbsp butter
How to:
Mix your dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
Melt your butter.
Whisk your eggs in a seperate bowl.
Add your milk.
Add your melted butter and mix the all the wet ingredients together.
Pour into your flour mixture and use a fork to mix together.
Heat a pan on medium heat and fry your pancakes in butter.
About 1/2dl of mixture or the size of your liking.
When bubbles appear on the surface, turn them and fry till golden.
Siv vanilla sugar over your pancakes and serve with syrup, berries, ice cream, or whatever you prefer.


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