Words on food

Hi there! I know it's been quiet. Life has become inbetween and I've been busy with it. Just everyday stuff like deciding what food to cook for work, paying the bills, travelling between my flat and my hometown to see family and friends, seeing my boyfriend, celebrating... life. Just living.
What I've realized is that this blog is for me, and for you if you like what I post. It's not out there for me to make money. It's not all stylish and with an amazing design, but it's me. It's also more than just about recipes here and there. It's about how food brings people together, cooked by me or by someone else or with someone. It's how food can be the answer to everything, how it might be the most diifficult thing in the world and how it can make people so ill.
There will be more feelings in this blog, food-related but with heart. Stay with me if you wish, I really hope you do!
Right now my kitchen is filled by music, my diary is flat open on my dark-wooden table ready to write down any thoughts I get whilst chopping onions, frying mince and stewing my boulognese.
There will be a lot of English at the food train, but loads of Swedish too. Please, if you wish for translations or have questions, just ask. I'd love to know who reads my blog and what you like about this place that has grown so special to me.
Laters, sweethearts!


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