Potato and leek soup // Potatis -och purjolökssoppa

Klockan är 09.45 och jag hade ingenting att göra. Matlagning var naturligtvis svaret. Potatis -och purjolökssoppa räddar de där råvarorna som är på väg ut men fortfarande är användabara. Receptet på svenska finner du här!




It's 9.45 AM and I didn't have anything to do. Cooking was the answer if course. Potato and leek soup is the savior when these ingredients are on their way out. It's so tasty!

5-6 potatoes
1 leek
1 stock cube
3,5 dl cream
6 dl water
Salt, white pepper

Bacon for garnish

How to:
Peel off the out layer of the leek, slit it to the center and wash thouroughly under the tap.
Slice thinly.
Peel the potatoes and slice them thinly too.
Put both in a saucepan with the 6 dl of water and stock cube, bring to a boil.
When the stock cube has disolved, add the cream and boil for another 6 minutes.
Use any kind of mixer to mix the soup smooth.
Pour back into the saucepan and re-heat on the lowest heat.
Season with salt and white pepper - taste as you go!

Fry bacon to a crisp and serve with the soup.



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