Food allergies with its obstacles

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I've not given up on this blog thing, but there are other factors in life that have made me unmotivated. Work has been upside down and my oven has broken. But the major thing is coming to terms with all of my food allergies. Some I have been aware of all of my life, like nuts, soya, citrus fruits, some legumes (peas and different kinds of beans) and to a certain point - dairy products. I've never really understood that I've been allergic to wheat and rhye until a few months ago. My body hasn't objected before now anyway. 
So, it is too much sometimes. It makes me sad that I am allergic to things when I love to cook. I'm trying to figure out subsitutes for the things I can't eat, such as flour. Many of the other options are so friggin' expensive though. All special foods are. I'm trying to lead a healthy lifestyle but sometimes I slip into a really bad circle and all I end up doing is eating stuff I shouldn't.
Anyway, I just though you should know that's why it's a bit quiet here sometimes. It's just me struggling to find stuff I can eat.


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