Westindian meatballs with rice and hot pepper suace

Old pictures but the same beeeeautiful recipe!

Good morning lovelies! I'm not going to do more than mention the fact that it's been quiet here. Life has been busy and I haven't really had time to cook that much, I've eaten loads of bought sushi and will try to master that myself soon. But back to the meatballs! I stayed round my mum's during the weekend and collected a few of my favourite recipes, this being one of them.
The meatballs are juicy, the taste of thyme and tomato make the sauce fantastic, fluffy rice, just-crunchy-enough carrots and a few splashes of hot pepper sauce and I am done!
500g minced beef
3 yellow onions
1 egg
Thyme, salt and black pepper
2 tomatoes
3 tblsp tomato puré
1 oxxo cube / meat stock cube
4 carrots
Maizena/flour to roll the meatballs in
Oil to fry 
How to:
Grate two onions and mix with the mince and egg.
Season with thyme, salt and black pepper.
Shape into large meatballs, roll in maizena and brown in oil on medium heat.
Crumble the stock cube over the meatballs.
Chop the last onion and cube the tomatoes.
Add to the pan with the tomato puré.
Add boiling water so it reaches halfway up the meatballs.
Turn down to simmer.
Peel the carrots and cut into sticks, add to the pan.
Taste the sauce and possibly add more salt and black pepper.
Serve with rice and any other vegetable you may be craving.


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