Porridge with cinnamon fried apples

I'm trying to cut out all kinds of bread as I am allergic to wheat and rye and it hurts my tummy to eat it. I can eat oatmeal and cornmeal but it's difficult to bake bread from them. So, to not get bored of just eating quark (kvarg), other youghurt types, eggs and fry-ups, I'm giving the good old porridge a go again. A few years ago I cut out all my carbs and it didn't do me any good in the long run, but it's not good to eat too much of them either. So, by eating porridge for breakfast I will try to cut down on carbs during other meals.
Sorry about the essay!
Top your porridge with different kinds of fruit, nuts, berries or just plain ol' cinnamon and a tad of sugar and you're ready to go!


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