Chicken challenge

Ahoy there! I've just come home from a friend whom I met in Australia when I was there. A new work week is ahead of me and I wanted to get some of the lunch boxes done today. I bought two whole fresh chickens at the supermarket earlier and am cooking one now. I'm using one of my mum's recipes and it's always a challenge living up to the original. Whilst it's simmering away I'm going to whip together my favourite youghurt bread for my boyfriend who, I'm happy to say, loves it! Peek in later and there will be pictures and the recipe.

Postat av: Mumsy

Looks just wonderful and as good as the original!
I can smell it from here.....mmmmmmme!

Svar: Taught by a masterchef! xo
Nastasja Thor

2013-01-07 @ 19:18:06

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