Hi there! How are we doing? I've had such a lovely Sunday. I've ran a few errands in town and been for a nice (but so, so cold) powerwalk in the sun that rarely shows itself where I live. It's the first of advent and us Swedes do put quite a bit of effort in celebrating it during the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. I never bake but today I wanted to give it a try when I figured out how to use my kitchen assistant (?). I nicked this recipe from Jenny who is collaborating with the Swedish dairy company, Arla, during this Christmas. 
Ingredients (Approx. 25 lussekatter):
250g kvarg/kesella/thick greek (or other) youghurt
5dl milk
1,5g saffron
100g butter (room temperature - important!)
0,5 tsp salt
50g yeast
1,5dl sugar
~15-17dl plain flour
How to:
Crumble your yeast into your assistant.
Heat your milk and kvarg/youghurt to 37 degrees in a pan and pour over your yeast and stir until dissolved.
Make sure your butter is room temerature before you add it to your yeast mixture with the salt, sugar and saffron.
Add the flour succesfully until the mixture is elastic.
Let the machine work it for another 10 minutes..
Put into a bigger bowl or a large saucepan to rise until double the size.
Cover with a baking towel or plastic foil.
If the dough is very sticky after finished rising, dust it, your hands and your wokring surface.
Shape them as you wish - the classic style is like an S with the ends tucked in with a raisin in each end.
Let rise for another 30 minutes when you have shaped your 'lussekatter' and put them on baking sheets. Cover again with plasitc foil.
Heat your oven to 225 degrees celcius.
Brush some beaten egg on your lussekatter before you bake them in the oven for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
Let cool for a few minutes under a towl and eat with a glass of cold milk.

Postat av: Jenny

Vad snackar du om dom där ser ju jätte fina ut:)!!

Svar: Söt du är, tack! Men ska baka en omgång till med lite bättre form ;)
Nastasja Thor

2012-12-05 @ 13:42:50

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