West Indian fish recipe

Yesterday's cod with a taste of thyme is in fact a dish we usually call West Indian fish. The cooking that goes on in our home is influenced by our background. There is foremost a mixture of Swedish, English, West Indian, Jamaican and Chinese influences. My sister and I love the Swedish sandwhich culture and potatoes meanwhile our mother prefers rice and everything that is hot.

West Indian fish:
2 medium yellow onions
2-3 medium sized carrots
3-4 slices of cabbage
3 cloves of garlic
3 fresh tomatoes or up to 1 tin of whole tomatoes
1 fillet of cod (more or less) per person; we most often use frozen fish and this recipe is written after that. If you use fresh fillets, lay them on top of everything in the frying pan until cooked through.
Thyme, salt and black pepper

Heat up your medium sized frying pan with oil.
Fry your fish, chopped onion and sliced carrots.
Cover the contents of the pan in thyme, add salt and black pepper.
Crush your garlic and add it to the pan.
Fry the fish until it looks like it's ready to flake on both sides.
Add your chopped tomatoes and bring up to the boil.
If you want more sauce - add water after your liking, taste and add spices if needed.
Turn down to simmer for 20 minutes.
Lay your cabbage on top and cook through.

Serve with either mashed potatoes or rice!


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